• Jean Paul Giudicelli Costa Rica

    Born in San José, Costa Rica, on October 17, 1962, Jean Paul Giudicelli has emerged as a prominent figure, currently serving as the CEO of Casapan, a renowned bakery business based in Honduras. His remarkable journey is a testament to his adaptability and unyielding ambition, evident in his extensive background in television, sports, and coffee shop entrepreneurship and his leadership within the food industry. Beyond his professional accomplishments, he is distinguished by his commitment to charitable causes, affinity for reading, and unwavering pursuit of knowledge and serenity.


    Taking the reins as CEO at Casapan upon his return to Honduras in 2018, he spearheaded the integration of fresh concepts, the infusion of modern technologies, and an ambitious vision aimed at local and international expansion.


    Initiating his professional journey in broadcasting, he embarked on a path that led him to Corporacion Televicentro in Honduras, where he engaged as a sportscaster. His active involvement included co-hosting the renowned "5 Deportivo" and leading his creation, "Micro Deportivas." After honing his T.V. production skills in Venezuela, he contributed his expertise to Vica Television and Antenna Producciones upon his return to Honduras. Simultaneously, his voice resonated through the airwaves via his sports-focused show on Suprema FM.


    Embracing the early 2000s, he ventured into the realm of coffee entrepreneurship. His endeavors saw the inception of the first two "Cafetto" cafeterias in 2001, and by 2005, his coffee empire expanded to encompass seven strategically positioned establishments within Costa Rica's primary shopping hubs.


    Giudicelli's formative years were spent at Methodist High School, where his athletic prowess, particularly in volleyball, was matched by his leadership as the Vice President of the student government. His academic journey took him to Venezuela, where he pursued studies in T.V. production, laying the groundwork for his future endeavors.


    Guided by a generous spirit, His commitment to philanthropy is underscored by his contributions to diverse charitable initiatives. His reach extends to support for the Red Cross, aid for flood relief efforts in the U.S., and his endorsement of the Catholic Church's noble undertakings.